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Arrangement and Burial Services

Arrangement and Burial Services

Like each individual life, burial services should be special and unique to the loved ones they are honoring. At Westside Memorial Gardens, we offer traditional in-ground casket and cremation burials options.

Traditional Burial

This term refers to the type of burial where a person is placed into a casket for burial in a designated grave or lot in the cemetery. Only one casket is permitted to be buried in each grave Westside Memorial Gardens also requires that an outer burial container or vault be used for a traditional burial. Before the interment takes place, the outer burial container is positioned in the grave for the casket to be lowered into. Outer burial containers are usually made of concrete and sometimes equipped with a protective shell of “strentex” which is a strong seamless plastic. The purpose of the outer burial container is to protect the casket from the elements and also to protect the ground from caving or settling on the surface.

Burial of Cremated Remains

Westside Memorial Gardens offers several options for those who have chosen cremation for their final disposition. Cremains may be buried in any rigid container on a grave lot, in a cremation lot or as a right of burial in a grave with an existing casket burial. The right to bury over simply means that when possible, cremated remains may be buried on a grave where a casket has already been interred. This option is not always possible and is dependent on the individual grave. An urn which will be buried does not require an outer burial container.
At Westside Memorial Gardens we have dedicated cremation graves such as the Infinity Walk (pictured below). The Infinity Walk offers single cremation graves with a natural stone marker. Ask our representative about these graves.